Muzoma now support native export to Cymatic’s LP16 player and uTool2 application

Great news, from version 2.2.2, Muzoma supports export to Cymatic’s LP16 player and their uTool2 application.

If you prefer to use your LP16 for standalone playback with only a hard disk or memory stick, or you want to play back your sets from a Mac or PC using uTool2, then this feature is ideal.

1.) Simply download or create songs in Muzoma as usual
2.) Organise the songs with the desired multi-channel tracks and pans.
3.) Add the songs to a Muzoma set or sets.
4.) Use the new export to Cymatic LP16 tool on the sets page to export your sets as Cymatic LP16 format.
5.) Use the iOS 11 files app to copy or move the Cymatic folder from the Muzoma folder ‘on my iPad/iPod/iPhone’ to iCloud/a compatible USB stick/WD NAS
6.) Playback the set/s directly from the disk/USB stick on your LP16
7.) Load the set/s into UTool2 and play back with the mixer on a PC or Mac

We have put a video together showing how to these new features work