Muzoma 2.0

Great news!

Muzoma 2.0 is now available to download.  We added a whole bunch of new features including:

    • A brand new mixer page allowing on-screen mixing and monitoring for multiple tracks and channels.
    • A recording feature built in to the mixer that allows multi-track, multi-channel recording (hardware permitting), plug your phone into your mixing desk and record the band on individual tracks or just sing into the built in mic!
    • We added MIDI control support, you can control Muzoma using MIDI for remote Start, Stop, and track selecting in sets. You can automate the mixer with MIDI commands too, just double tap a mixer fader to set it up. Muzoma can also send MIDI control commands.
    • Muzoma now supports the AudioShare app for getting your audio in and out of the app. Both Muzoma and AudioShare support .zip files so that files can be shared enMass. We also support the standard clipboard.
    • Muzoma now supports importing .wav files
    • Muzoma is a proud affiliate of  In 2.0, we added unofficial in app support for downloading your existing Karaoke-Version songs, including support for importing multi-track Custom Backing Tracks in Muzoma.  NOTE that this is unofficial support, we have not officially partnered with in this development.