Downloading from Karaoke Version

We’ve had some feedback from some users asking for some step-by-step instructions on how to download their Karaoke Version content using Muzoma.

So we put some brief instructions to help.

The process is slightly different from downloading a custom file from the KV web site.

Firstly, you need to log-on to the KV site inside Muzoma’s ‘Online Content’ link and then go to your purchased files list.

Once logged in to KV, you should see your purchased file list, it should look like this:

Now, DONT press the download link on the right hand side, simply press the link on the left side where the green circle is on that image above, as if you are going in to re-mix the track.

After the page of the song loads, after a few seconds, the app will prompt to download the song, and offer’s the change to change the pitch in semi-tones, just leave this step blank for the original pitch.

Muzoma then goes through a download process storing each file of the custom backing track, or the single file for a non-custom backing track.  Note – this is completely separate from any mix of the song you’ve made on the Karaoke Version website.

Once all the tracks are downloaded, you can then remix the song via the mixer page in Muzoma.

There is a default track of the guide enabled by default, but you can use the mixer to enable and disable individual or all tracks to adjust the individual levels if you wish.

This is your mix in Muzoma – it’s completely separate to the KV website mixer.

You can access the mixer from the menu on the player page.

If a channel is grey in the mixer, then it can be enabled with a double tap on the fader and selecting enable track, by default the guide track is enabled when no multi-track hardware is attached to the device.

Note, there is more information in the user manual and a little video on YouTube which also walks through KV download process.